Introducing Award Winning Customer Service

As an IT Contractor himself, it was striking to Dylan that there was a significant lack of value which agencies provided, despite the high costs of working with them. Very few agencies had real-life IT delivery experience and were only incentivised by commissions, losing sight of the candidate or the customer.

As someone who has achieved customer service awards in every position in his career, Dylan sought to embed his principles into the industry, going against the status quo to place the outcomes of both the candidate and customer at the core. In doing so, Dylan decided to broaden the scope of the business to become a Contracting Agency.
As the mission to match brilliant people with aspirational organisations became clearer, Proper IT Contracting was created to place our specialism at the forefront of our company.

Our Vision Our Passion

Our vision is to deliver customer distinction and market leadership through the collective productivity of our people.

We pride ourselves on introducing hundreds of years of IT excellence to the Retail and Financial Services industries, creating a fantastic synergy of talent, delivery and execution; or simply put, IT Contracting the Proper Way.

We are uniquely specialised to identifying industry-leading talent due to our experience of talent management and service delivery across leading FTSE250 and public sector organisations, so our Customers and Contractors can have peace of mind when working with us.

Our Mission - Incentivised IT Contracting Solutions

Our identity is founded upon a single focused principle; ensuring our customers have the right people to make the right decisions.

We believe that excellence is achieved when all parties are tuned into the same goals, and the incentivised Proper Way allows everyone to have skin in the game, and ultimately, to achieve outstanding results together.

We do not simply deliver; we deliver results. Guaranteed.