Seeking a Common Goal to Achieve Great Things

There are three parties in a contracting relationship – The Client, ourselves and You. We believe that all need to be seeking a common goal to achieve great things.

As such, you can expect the following when working with us:


Focused on the End Goal

A target-based engagement, focused on achieving a single common goal



We offer up to half of our margin as a financial guarantee, allowing you to earn more than your day rate, by delivering the end goal. You will have a critical role in defining the end goal, right up-front.


No Extensions

We pride ourselves on delivering what we said we would. As such, each engagement ends at the end of the Contract, which offers a great opportunity to identify future opportunities.

Matching Contractor

Ongoing relationship

Finding the perfect role takes time, and we work with our Clients to define these roles on your behalf. As such, you can expect us to partner you right through your IT Contracting journey


Less wasted time

Our use of personality assessments allows our Clients the opportunity to really understand you, giving you a higher chance of successfully working with us and the Client.

It can be lonely working as an IT Contractor – wouldn’t it be great to have an Agency working for you?

Have peace of mind, and contact us today.