Delivering the right people, with the right skills and experience, right to your doorstep.

Your world is constantly changing. With new competitors entering the market, with new products and ways of operating, it is important you have the right people for the challenges ahead.

We believe that different people suit different challenges, and commonly excel in one of four areas; growth, adversity, leadership or problem solving. As such, finding the right person is about finding someone with the skills, experience and attitude for your particular challenge.

Our Contractors

We’ve already done the homework. Based on skills, experience and attitude, all of our Contractors fall into one of the four categories:



12 Quality Contractors available now!

A natural in high pressure situations, the Firefighter is mobilised when the desire is stability and improvement

Where a Firefighter excels:

Turning around late / over-budget projects

Improving customer satisfaction

Delivering on low probability sales leads



16 Quality Contractors available now!

Encouraged by new and inspiring ventures, the Catalyst is mobilised for growth, prosperity and Execution

Where a Catalyst excels:

Product development

Strategic planning

Business analysis and development

Technical development and architecture



9 Quality Contractors available now!

A believer in Aristotle’s adage “T.E.A.M – together, everyone achieves more”, the Coach creates high- performing teams

Where a Coach excels:

Increasing team effectiveness

Setting success targets

Mobilising virtual teams

Team motivation and staff retention



6 Quality Contractors available now!

Putting theory into practice, the Theorist focuses on tackling day-to-day business challenges through proven methodologies

Where a Theorist excels:

Establishing and improving processes and systems

Audit compliance

Problem solving

Team engagement